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Tell your retinas to prepare for The Endtimes.

I've got a lovely bunch of sketches, diddly-dee.
lady gaga fierce

Here they are a-standin" in a rowCollapse )

And here my sketches be done! It's been a while, so I had a lot to unload. Need to do another cosplay post soon, too... as I debuted a costume that hasn't even shown up on here at all.

and touch my tears with your lips
and touch my war with your fingertips
and we can have forever

Hell Has Frozen Over
More than one sketchblog in a one-month period? Inconceivable!

Only a small handful this time.Collapse )

motto ima ijou ni hadaka ni natte
ikite yuku jutsu oshiete yo
honno sukoshi dake watashi o yogoshite

The Sketchblog Lives!
Finally got around to scanning in my latest sketches! Good grief, I need to draw more personal art. Fortunately, nothing gets me a-sketchin' more than fangirling.

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There needs to be more hours in the day. At least 15 extra for sleeping alone!

and when you cry
I feel the sky burst open in my veins
if loving you makes a slave of me
then I'll spend my whole life in chains

Five Words Meme
lady gaga fierce
Reply to this meme by yelling... uh... let's say, "BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL", and I will give you five words that remind me of you; then post them in your journal and explain what they mean to you. I doubt anyone will do it, though, as the one person I even remotely know well through Livejournal is the one that tagged me...

Ah, the life-simulation computer game that jump-started my internet addiction. Nostalgia. I've actually been thinking about reinstalling the original Creatures on my PC, but that might end up being the deathblow that my computer's been waiting for. But I miss telling norns to "push drink."

Cosplay/Costume making
Considering I love anime and can sew, I'm frankly amazed I hadn't gotten into this back in high school. I like how it challenges my sewing skills and art & crafts skills. I've only been to one convention so far, but it was so fun to walk around in costume and see all the other folks in costume too... there's this kind of camraderie among fellow cosplayers, and it's a great feeling. I'm not the only obsessive anime freak out there!

Music is my life! Every family roadtrip as a kid was passed by the entire family singing our arsenal of songs, and I've spent most of my life in various choirs. I am rarely seen without my iPod anymore. Due to this, I almost constantly have at least one song stuck in my head. My only recourse to this was to memorize lyrics. I can only get songs out of my head if I am able to sing them all the way through.

Fusion Factor
My oft-neglected comic brainchild. It began percolating in my brain when I was 18, with the creation of my online persona, Tomecko. Since then, it has gathered backstory, main characters, villains, supporting cast... but a single page has yet to be drawn. I'm struggling with the taboos of Mary Sues and self-insertion, and my brain recoils avery time I think about the busty-anime-catgirl-who's-Japanese-despite-not-looking-it, but then I think "HELL YEAH THUNDERCATS" and everything goes back to normal for a while. I love this project too much to let it die. I will prevail!

Strange how lizards have become my signature animal, so to speak. I have no real fascination with them in real life (I lean more towards cats and dragonflies). But it stems from my screenname, Tomecko, which goes back to my first word, Creatures. Tomeckos were a strange little gecko/tomato plant hybrid that inhabited the Norngarden, an addon to the Creatures 3/Docking Station game. I thought they were cute, so it became my screenname when I joined online Creatures communities. 7 years later, it's still my handle! The logo for my freelance chalkart/graphic design business also incorporates a lizard, and I now own a fair amount of lizard jewelry and knick-knacks. I suppose it's grown on me.

Wow, this is my first post since September 5th. I've let this journal go way too long without updates. I need to do a life-update journal, and I also plan to put up some sketches sometime this weekend. I also still need to post my photos from Kumoricon, like I promised. Busy busy busy.

we swam in the fountains
beneath the moon and stars
we cried from the laughter
and died in each other's arms

Off to Kumoricon! First ever convention, I'm so excited. Oh yes, there will be pictures.


More sewing: Kimono, Cosplay Update
Been working on my sewing more lately! I finally got around to making my kimono, which I've had the pattern and fabric for for aaaaages. I also finished my Kairi costume! (Well, technically, I finished it a couple weeks ago, but then I got badly sunburned and have been waiting for it to fade so I can take photos... hehe)

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Still to do: Kairi's Keyblade! There's some fuzzy reference pics here... God, it's like the girliest thing ever... whyyyy... Bought some Fimo today for sculpting the flowers, but I think they'll be too easy to break. After all, it's got to go on a plane ride to Minnesota with me, and I somehow doubt they'll let me take even a flowery, fragile blunt object as my carry-on.

sea lion woman
dressed in green
silver lining and golden seams

Cosplay and other crafts
So, some of my online friends and I have made plans to meet up at Anime Detour, Minnesota's premier anime convention, next spring. We're going to cosplay as Riku, Sora, and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts II! I, as the girl of the group, will naturally be Kairi.

What does all this mean, you ask? It means SEWING. *sparkles*

BEHOLD!Collapse )

And now I must be off to bed, ready to change produce prices in the morning. Oh 4:00 AM, how I love thee.

when you walk away
you don't hear me say,
"please, oh baby, don't go!"
simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight
it's hard to let it go

I bring thee colorful sketches!
Haven't posted in a while, life's been being... insane, and all. It's slowly coming under control again, due to a great deal of brainless Buffy watching (my favorite escape from reality). The boy is doing okay, his chemo's already started and he's been able to keep the nausea pretty well under control. Thanks for your well wishes!

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I have to wait for the dishwasher to be done before I can make dinner. :( So hungry.

Zeppelin never left her,
never died or second-guessed her,
painted on her body
the stars would never hurt her
never lie, never desert her,
painted on her body

A couple color tests
can't brain
I'm constantly changing colors and design for this character, Laura. In fact, I don't think I've ever drawn her the same way twice... good thing she won't show up much in the comic (being deceased will do that to a character).

Not too happy with that first one (curse my crappy digital sketching skillz), but for a simple color test, it'll do. The second one has her eyes more albino-red than pink, which I think is how I want it. Hmm, I like the impossible yellow lipstick more every time I draw it.

And if a double-decker bus crashes into us
to die by your side
is such a heavenly way to die
and if a ten-ton truck kills the both of us
to die by your side
well, the pleasure, the privilege is mine

Basic facts on me.
Figured I'd do one of the intro journals for my new lj-friends from customers_suck. *waves* But this is stuff my other watchers may not have known anyways. :D

Yo, I'm Kristen, 23 years old, short, and redheaded. I live in fabulous rainy Oregon, where I work as a chalk artist at a local grocery store. I also work as a sometimes-cashier at the same store, which is where all my customer sucks come from. I occasionally do some freelance chalk signs and logo design outside of work. Moar and picturesCollapse )

I use this journal mostly as a sketchblog, and it tends to follow a theme: I've been planning a webcomic called 'Fusion Factor' for the past few years. I'm still stuck in the plot and character design phase, but damn if I don't love designing characters! If you want to read my ramblings about the premise and main cast, it can be found in this entry.

I only post a few times a month, at most, but expect lots of sketches for my webcomic and anime fanart. Welcome to my madness, we like it here!

scream through dreams that cut your voice off
wide awake; will nothing soothe?
with one word, I'd take this pain from you
but I fall mute

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